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What is offshore colocation?

Introduction to colocation A colocation centre refers to a specific type of data centre where bandwidth, equipment and space can be rented to retail customers. Generally, colocation centres provide a variety of facilities which include but are not limited to power, space, cooling and security for storage, network and server equipment of other firms, which […]

What is an offshore company?

An introduction An offshore corporation or an offshore company can mean two very distinct things, namely: A company or even a corporate entity which takes part in offshore business services or offshore manufacturing, or A legal entity such as a corporation or a company which has either been created or registered in either a tax […]

What is offshore hosting?

“Offshore (Web) Hosting” refers to the assistance that permits an individual or a business to host their web site across a distant spot from their place of origin. The website is only under constraint of the laws of the country it is hosted from. Normally, many developed countries outsource their hosting requirements to underdeveloped or […]

What is offshore banking?

Offshore banking refers to a person storing his savings in a bank account located outside his country of residence, typically in a location that is considered a tax haven in order to be able to claim legal as well as financial advantages. A Brief History The term ‘offshore banking’ originated in the United Kingdom and […]