Terms of Service

These Terms of Use Agreement contain some salient provisions that will govern your use of this website regarding our hosting services, particularly our services to offer out special dedicated servers, web hosting and collocation servers. Further, it is emphasized the considerable package pricing as contained in the purchase agreement. It is, therefore, necessary that you carefully read, acknowledge, agree and be bound to this Agreement and its Privacy Policy accordingly. Otherwise, disagreeing to this Agreement would mean disallowing you to access this website.


The Information Security Policy explains the manner by which the information is received from you, collected through this website. Further, it provides an information on our continued commitment to ensure that your personal identifiable information is kept confidential.


The client is responsible for ensuring that all back-ups are performing properly.The client will not pay for the hosting period of the dedicated server hardware once it is not repaired.


In the event of any factor that may occur in the use of data centers where the servers are stored, we have no obligation for such damage. This Policy also applies to some fortuitous events such as conflagration, delay, natural phenomenon, flood, smoke, natural disasters, fire, earthquake, war, emergency, and negligence. No monetary or financial compensation of any kind will be claimed by the person affected of the damage done.


The applicable international conventions, copyright, trademark, proprietary and other intellectual property rights specifically mentioned in this web site remain the sole property of the Pirates Hosting and its licensors unless otherwise stated. Further, all ownership rights of the materials shall remain with the Pirates Hosting and its licensors.


The website does not in any way make no warranties or representations of any kind either express or implied in terms of its timeliness, reliability, adequacy, appropriateness, usefulness, correctness, and accuracy.


The Pirates Hosting will be not accountable to you either by law of contract or law of torts, or otherwise, for any wrong actions, arising out in relation to the contents, or use of, or otherwise in connection with this website.


By using this website, you fully acknowledge and agree that all pertinent provisions contained in this website are reasonable.


As a Limited Liability Entity, you fully acknowledge and accept that Pirates Hosting has an interest in limiting the personal liabilities of its officers and employees. In the event of any losses you suffer in relation to accessing the website, you fully agree that you will not ever bring any claim or dispute personally against the officers or employees of the Pirates Hosting.


You hereby agree to defend, indemnify, and save harmless the officers or employees or subsidiaries and successors of the Pirates Hosting from any liabilities, claims, actions, losses, damages, and suits.


The Pirates Hosting has an automatic right to revise this Agreement from time-to-time as it may be necessary. Such Agreement shall become effective after the date of its official publication.


If any provision of this agreed Agreement is deemed unenforceable, illegal, or invalid by a competent court, all other provisions of this well-defined Agreement shall nevertheless remain in force and effect.


This Agreement sets forth herein constitute the entire agreement between you and Pirates Hosting in relation to the use of the website.


This Agreement is in conformity with the European Union laws. The European Union shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over the claims, disputes or demands arising in the free use of this Website governed by any contract or tort or otherwise.